Purchase Notes

1. How to become a Fake-Watches.me member
a After entering the Fake-Watches.me website, click on “Register” at the top right of the website.
b After entering the registration page, enter your relevant information at the corresponding prompt and click “Submit”. If the submitted information is incorrect, there will be an error message after clicking Submit. Please resubmit after modification.
c After the submission is successful, you will be taken to the My Account page, which means the registration is successful! You will receive a reminder email that we have successfully registered.
d Fake-Watches.me registered users can easily manage and inquire orders, receive fashion news from Fake-Watches.me, and have the opportunity to participate.
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2. How to place an order to buy
a User login/registration, if you are a member, please click on the login in the upper right corner; if you are a non-member, please register first, then log in.
b Pick your favorite products
c Add to cart or buy now
d Confirm the product information you purchased and fill in your logistics information correctly
e Enter the settlement center and choose the payment method. The payment methods we provide are: Western Union, credit card and Bitcoin.
f If you need a general invoice, you can fill in the invoice request information on the payment page. If you need to issue: "VAT special invoice", please contact Fake-Watches.me China official website customer service in time, so that we can verify the information with you.
g After completing all the above processes, you can click “Submit Order” to enter the payment link. After the order payment is completed, the page will display your order number. By submitting an order, you have read and accepted the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Return Policy.
h Due to the delay in inventory update network in online sales, there may be cases where the order goods are out of stock after payment. If there is such a situation, the after-sales personnel will notify you in time, you can choose to return, and cause inconvenience to you. Please also understand.

3. Modify or cancel the order online
a Before the order is submitted, if you need to modify the information, please modify it directly on the order confirmation page. If the order has been submitted, you will not be able to modify the order content. You can contact customer service to cancel the order and re-order the purchase.
b If you need to cancel the order, please contact customer service as soon as possible after payment. Cancellation due to network delay is not necessarily successful. If it has already been shipped, please reject it directly. If you need to cancel the order during non-working hours, please leave a message to your customer service, your member ID and contact information. Our customer service will contact you as soon as possible after work.
c The mall automatically cancels the overdue order according to the following rules: If your order is not paid within 1 hour, the system will automatically cancel your order.

4. About product prices
In different sales channels or platforms, due to different promotions, the final price may be different. Please refer to the channel you purchased for the specific price.