Return Policy

1: Return Policy

1) If you meet the replacement conditions, we will provide you with a replacement service, and the replaced products are “new” products of the same model;

2) The user who chooses the return must provide the invoice for the corresponding product and guarantee the completeness of the product, including the manual, product accessories and other accessories attached to the product. If a part is lost or damaged, it will not meet the return policy of official mall, we will not be able to provide return service;

3) For reasons such as user mis-purchase, multi-purchase, or other non-product quality problems, if the goods are in good condition, they can apply for return within 7 days from the date of purchase (subject to the actual receipt date). The customer shall bear the expenses for the freight and payment incurred in the transaction (refer to the charging standard of the bank or third-party payment platform);

4) Due to different products, their service policies are slightly different. In the implementation rules, such as warranty operation, after-sales service, technical support, etc., the service may be different for you; all the warranty provisions are in the National Three Guarantees Regulations. "For the guidelines, if the description conflicts with the "Three Guarantees Regulations", the "Three Guarantees Regulations" shall prevail.
If it is one of the following circumstances, it is not included in the relevant “Three Guarantees Regulations” of the State:

a. More than three bags of validity;

b. Failure to use, maintain or keep in accordance with the requirements for product use;

c. The repairer who is not responsible for the three packs (ie non-manufacturer designated or special maintenance point) is damaged by the disassembly;

d. There is no valid three-package certificate and valid invoice.

e. Unauthorized alteration of the three-package certificate;

f. The product model or number on the three-package certificate does not match the physical product;

g. Damage caused by force majeure;

h. Non-product quality problems, such as: compatibility issues, dissatisfaction with color, appearance, shape, etc.;

i. For storage products, we are unable to provide data export services. Please export the data as much as possible before returning. If you do not export the data in time before the product has quality problems, for data security and integrity, it is recommended that you contact the service provider of the relevant manufacturer for confirmation.

In particular, the following conditions are not refundable in this mall:

a. Any product not sold in the official store;

b. Over-insurance products (products with more than three guarantees);

c. Unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid injection, accident, alteration, improper installation, product quality problems, or tearing, alteration of label, machine serial number, anti-counterfeiting mark;

d. Accessories, gifts (coupons) of the product (required to be returned together with the main goods), the instructions are incomplete, and the (vouchers) invoices are missing or altered;

e. The product has been used (except for 7 days no reason for return and quality problems);

f. Others should not apply for return or exchange according to law.

Key points for watch return and exchange:

1. If there is no reason to return for 7 days, please return all the products (good goods, gifts and invoices, insurance cards, tags, manuals, etc.) in the original seal; the insurance card can not be written, you must bear the shipping costs. If you find that there is an abnormal situation (missing accessories, etc.) after returning, you will not be able to confirm the responsibility after contacting you, and the warehouse will not be signed for sale.

2, product quality reasons need to return, please return all products (good goods, gifts and invoices) intact; the insurance card can not be written, send the freight you need to bear, the product is monitored by customer service center Return and exchange requirements, the return shipping costs are borne by the official mall (Note: the express insured cost is the express company's additional value-added expenses, does not support reimbursement).

3. Please keep the watch packaging and accessories properly. If you need to return the goods due to quality problems, the original products (security card, tag, etc.) are missing from the original products. The manufacturer can not provide the rear accessories, and will not support the return and exchange. Repair for you.